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Who are we?

The Probate Researcher Coop is a loose cooperative of colleagues who support one another mutually, as needed. At the start of a research project, it’s often not clear what direction it’s heading in. It’s helpful to have colleagues who have knowledge of different regions, or are simply closer to the needed sources. Depending on the requirements of a given case, we may process our cases alone, or in teams of two or more researchers – always with the goal of helping you to claim your inheritance as quickly as possible.

In places where we are not able to operate, we have correspondents who support our work.

Das sind wir:

  Ralf Dose M.A., Probate Researcher, Berlin
bild Born 1950, Social Historian and Historian of Science since 1982, numerous publications, team member since 2005

Foreign Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (Advanced), French (School knowledge), Spanish, Modern Greek (Basic knowledge)

Areas of Specialization: Germany (Berlin, Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), Poland (former German regions Pomerania, Neumark, Posen, Silesia), England, USA

» Email: dose (at) erbenermittler-koop.de
  Dipl.-Kffr. (FH) Marion Becker, Erbenermittlerin, Brilon

Born 1972, Probate researcher since 2008, team member since September 2011

Foreign Languages: English

Areas of Specialization: Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, basic knowlege of Jewish probate research, Poland former German regions Silesia und East- and Westprussia), USA, Czech Republic (Sudeten territories)

Weiterbildung: Hagen Law School

» Email: becker (at) erbenermittler-koop.de
  › a href="" class="screenshot" rel="../images/vk-gorke.jpg">André Goerke, Berlin
bild Jahrgang 1967, Genealogie seit 1996

Foreign Languages: Englisch, Französisch, Russisch

Areas of Specialization: Deutschland (Berlin, Mitteldeutschland), ehem. Ostgebiete im heutigen Polen, Baltikum, Ukraine, Tschechien (Sudetenland), USA, Kanada, Familienforschung

» Email: goerke (at) erbenermittler-koop.de