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What does all this cost?

Our work is quite varied and very enjoyable, but: we can’t live from that. We have to cover our costs and make a living. That’s why we make an agreement with you before research begins that we will have a share in the estate. Depending on the total value of a given estate, this is usually between 20 and 30% (plus VAT) of any estate portion you may receive. All research costs are covered, as well as the costs of any legal counsel we may require.

In any case, our fee is only collected when and if you accept an inheritance. We don’t ask for “advance payments.” If, as unfortunately sometimes occurs, the proceedings drag on, we’ll be waiting for our money, just like you.

Incidentally, the full amount of any fee you pay us can be deducted from your inheritance tax.

› You cannot inherit debts

There’s no need to fear you may inherit unwanted debts through our research. Since we’ve agreed with you that we have a partial interest in the estate, we need to know ourselves whether a given estate has value or not beforehand. If it does not, we don’t get involved.

If, according to the laws of descent and distribution, it is, in the end, determined that you are not among the legal heirs to an estate, as originally thought – perhaps because there are closer relatives of the decedent after all, or because an adoption later comes to light – then we too have unfortunately been working in vain. You, of course, owe us nothing.

What if I’m not interested in an inheritance?

We bill for genealogical assignments according to the time required and the difficulty of the the research undertaken (known/unknown sources, domestic and foreign archives, foreign languages needed), naturally in consultation with the client. Ask us about the terms and conditions for your particular research request!