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What can we do for you?

› We investigate which family members once existed and which are still living

Are you familiar with all the siblings of your grandparents? What about your great-grandparents? And all the children and grandchildren of your great-aunts and great-uncles?

Poverty and hunger, the thirst for adventure and the hope of a better life, over the course of the centuries these have caused many people to leave their homes and to begin anew in foreign lands on distant continents. Political, racial and religious persecution have torn families apart and destroyed them.

Proof of your own entitlement to inherit is not enough to apply for probate. Probate courts require – as required by law – that family relations be fully discovered and disclosed before granting probate.

› We provide all the official documents you will need as proof of your entitlement to inherit

That’s often more difficult than it sounds: two World Wars and their consequences have caused the destruction of many written records. Civil Registry offices, church registries, residence registries, these are usually the resources of first resort. But what if there are no longer any records there? We know how to continue the search in archives and have access to professional databases, which may contain leads to concrete evidence. We can obtain foreign official documents for you as well, and have them translated and notarized, if necessary.

Of course, this type of research requires a lot of time and we incur costs travelling to archives, paying usage fees, and paying for copies and translations.

› We can chart your Family Tree

In estate cases, the ancestry of the heirs must be proved going back two, three, four, even five generations: two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents – they all had brothers and sisters, married once, twice, or more times, also perhaps have or had children outside marriage. To keep an overview, we create a family tree using information about individuals and families. You will receive this family tree when we have finished tracking down your family records.

Naturally, we’re happy to chart your family tree or research the data on your family data even if there is no inheritance in question. We are all also active as genealogists. If this is the case you can commission us directly – please ask us about the terms and conditions.

› We prepare you for probate proceedings

In all legal matters which come up in the course of preparing an application for a grant of probate, we, and you, are advised by our attorney. We prepare the documents needed to make the application. This counsel comes at no additional cost to you; rather it is an integral part of our service. The application for a grant of probate should be notarized; you can make the application in person at the probate court – but this is usually not advisable because of the long waits required to get a court date.

› We see to the disbursement of the estate, or of your share

When probate has been granted, we see to the disbursement of the estate and – if there are several heirs – to the necessary division of the assets among all the legal heirs. If necessary, we audit the accounts of the estate administrator and request from the tax office the refund of any inheritance taxes paid in excess.